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an unforgettable autumn

Our path of studying the practice continues with Susanna Finocchi, guest of Yoga Shala Perugia since 2020 and authorized second level teacher by our master SharathJi Jois of Mysore. By putting into practice dedication, devotion, discipline and determination, we deepen with stability and lightness the work of knowledge of the practice following the parampara (lineage). This is an event awaited by many Ashtangis throughout Italy and which we have the honor of proposing in our Shala, a place where we have brought the Indian tradition directly from Mysore. We continue incessantly and confidently also thanks to the collaboration with this splendid woman and teacher capable of always creating a serene and joyful climate around her in which to practice, study, get to know each other, challenge each other, trust. Thanks to his energy and great experience we will be guided in a nourishing weekend for the body, mind and soul.

the program, which we will adjust based on those registered

Saturday 19 October


6:00 start of first round




The chanting of mantras in Sanskrit to experience the traditional method of transmitting knowledge, surprise study, questions & answers

Sunday 20 October

6:00 start of first round




Sanskrit chants to experience the traditional method of transmitting knowledge, surprise insights, questions & answers

Monday 21 October

6:00 start of first round


what we do explained with the right words

The three Mysore Style practices will be accompanied by two theoretical and practical insights and by chanting and philosophy, one of the passion subjects that Susanna has explored in her studies.

- Mysore Style -

Individual practice supported by the energy of the group. Susanna will support each individual practitioner in his or her personal sadhana (practice) with indications and actions useful for getting more in touch and in tune with one's own breathing, so that the practice of asanas becomes increasingly a peaceful and easy tool towards self-awareness.

- Chanting -

It is the traditional form of meditation and knowledge transmission in India. The sacred verses, the alphabet, the mantras are repeated after listening to them from the teacher who pronounces them correctly, the system is today handed down by scholars and Brahmins.

- Philosophy -

Yoga comes from India and has its roots in its cultural matrix, delving into its traditions, philosophical and religious systems allows us to understand that the form we practice is a part of a whole that takes on meaning when whole.


Susanna Finocchi, well told

Who is Susanna

Susanna Finocchi is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher authorized 2nd level by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois of KPJAYI of Mysore, India. This means that he can teach up to the second complete series (a rarity in Italy). A highly experienced practitioner, she is a fond and devoted student of SharathJi Jois with whom she is working on completing the third series, traveling with perseverance and dedication to Mysore.
Starting in 2000, Susanna, together with Jens Bache, founded and co-directed the Yogashala "Astanga Yoga Copenhagen" for 18 years and since 2009 she has had the honor of hosting SharathJi 7 times, the last workshop in July 2019.
A scholar of Sanskrit and Indian classical texts for 4 years at the University of Copenhagen, she recently returned to live in Rome, her city of origin. To date, he offers his experience by conducting traditional Ashtanga Yoga courses, workshops and seminars in Italy and Europe in the numerous Shales dedicated to the practice.
Info about Susanna


participate, who-how-how much does it cost

Anyone who has knowledge of at least the first part of the first series of Ashtanga Yoga can participate, places are limited and the entry time will be assigned based on the duration of the practice.   The program may undergo changes at the discretion of the organizers.

We will give registration priority to those who decide to attend the entire workshop, in case of full places we will open a waiting list. Participation in the workshop   you sign up with the payment of the fee .

In no way can the fee be refunded for non-participation.

Early bird by 15 of  July


Complete workshop: 167 Euros

Weekend Workshop (Saturday and Sunday): 147 Euros

One day (Saturday or Sunday): 70 Euros

After 15 of July

Complete workshop: 177 Euros

Weekend Workshop (Saturday and Sunday): 157 Euros

One day (Saturday or Sunday): 75 Euros

Drop in: 45 Euros

Read carefully to sign up

1) Fill out the registration form below

2) We will tell you if there are still places available

3) BEFORE PAYING, fill out the privacy/GDPR form and tell us that you have done so by email to

4) Make your payment with the instructions you receive (just filling out the forms does not guarantee registration), to facilitate the procedure and send us the receipt to

Registration will be validated upon receipt of your payment (filling out the forms alone does not guarantee registration).

Modulo iscrizione
sign up here

La tua iscrizione è stata presa in carico, sarà completata quando riceveremo il tuo pagamento per il quale riceverai le indicazioni.

Where we are and how to get there

The workshop is held in our Shala, the address is via della Tintoria 8, Perugia. We are on the ground floor in a quiet residential area, nearby there is a bar, supermarket and convenient parking.
Perugia is a particular medieval city all up and down, the ideal way to reach it remains the car even if the historic center is quite well connected to the railway station by the Minimetrò. The areas closest to the Shala are the neighborhoods of Madonna Alta, S.Marco, Montegrillo.

The Shala is in the S.Lucia district, immediately above the stadium area and Piazzale Umbria Jazz, therefore reachable from the historic center via the Minimetrò and then a walk of approximately 15 minutes (3 km).

Here are the AirBnB links for some accommodation in the city. We advise you to always check the distance from the Shala and the travel methods on the map. If you have any doubts, we are available to advise you.

PS: given the bad experiences of some students, we strongly advise against the Hotel Europa!
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