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Asthanga from Zero, the course for those who are starting or want to start again

The next beginner course will start in the autumn.

If you don't want to wait and start immediately you can come to Shala and participate in a trial lesson in a Mysore class: you will be immersed directly in the traditional teaching method sharing your energy in a special way with the group of other practitioners.

Start practicing, don't waste any more time!

How it works, the dates, the intention, the costs


Wednesday 14 February
7.00pm-7.30pm first round , limited places

7.45pm-8.15pm second shift (if places are full)
reservation required

from Wednesday 21 February to Saturday 27 April

- 10 STUDY CLASSES Wednesday 7.00pm-8.00pm live*
5.30pm-6.30pm live* (only if seats are sold out)

- 10 MYSORE CLASSES one day a week, chosen from those on time

*online/registration upon request

Study class dates: 21-28 February, 6-13-20-27 February, 3-10-17-24 April

It will not be possible to join once the course has started.
Missed classes, both study and Mysore, can be made up/used no later than April 27th.


The intention is to make you immediately taste the flavor of that something extra that cannot be explained with words, to grasp in the air what makes this Ashtanga, at first sight similar to so much else, so different from anything else you have done so far.

To give you focus : you will learn the fundamentals of this beautiful practice together with beginners in study classes , experimenting with the traditional method and proceeding at your own pace.

To give you energy : you will review in a traditional Mysore class what you have learned together with all the practitioners, immediately learning how to develop a personal and independent but not solitary practice because supported by the stable and concentrated presence of the teacher and the energy of the group of students advanced.


If you have never practiced yoga but would have liked to start many times , if you feel the need to find inner stability , if you want to cultivate a happy island within yourself . Even if you need to find consistency, recover from life's tours de force or dedicate time to yourself .

ASHTANGA FROM SCRATCH is for you if you want to develop or rediscover awareness , regaining possession of your body and mind. If you want to learn to get things done and build motivation within yourself, stopping looking for it elsewhere and no longer depending on the outside . And even if you practiced a while ago and you don't remember much anymore but you want to try again .

To learn not to give up and stay with whatever happens, we need a path that trains us to do it gradually and continuously, in order to learn those tools to use when necessary, but starting to cultivate them in times that are not suspicious or particularly difficult.

Through the effectiveness of a traditional yoga system , handed down without too many frills or claims of enlightenment, you will memorize part of the sequence of the first series, you will study the foundations of trishtana and the philosophy on which this wonderful practice is based.

Starting from real, imperfect and complex bodies, without aiming for perfection but aspiring to balance and learning to feel while doing.


NEOPHITE COURSE, frequency 2 times/week

10 Wednesday study classes + 10 Mysore classes of your choice

€187 course + €10 insurance (cash)


Free presentation: reservation required

Course: registration and payment of the fee by 02/20/24

tel 349 7154272

Iscrizione ADZ
Sign up for the course, fill in and receive the instructions

Il tuo modulo è stato inviato A breve riceverai le informazioni per completare la tua iscrizione, nel frattempo... respira!

If you can't participate but really want to practice

Don't worry, you can always attend an evening Mysore class, where people of all levels practice the traditional method of teaching. Contact us to schedule your trial lesson!

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