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Treatments-Consultations-One to One lessons

Body, emotions, thoughts and energy present in each of us are able to influence each other at the same time and this is why profound work with the body through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga is well accompanied by work through other individual Energy Rebalancing techniques. , capable of supporting and facilitating the path of transformation and evolution. Here is information on the consultations and treatments offered by Camilla Sweetness.

Yogashalapg - Ashtanga Yoga Perugia - Holistic Vision - Reiki

Just for today (Kyo dake wa)
Don't get angry (Ikaru na)
Don't worry (Shinpai suna)
Be grateful (Kansha shite)
Work hard (gō wo hage me)
Be kind to others (Hito ni Shinsetsu ni)

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Yogashalapg - Ashtanga Yoga Perugia - Holistic Vision - Floritherapy - Bach Flowers

Working with Bach flowers helps to unlock the individual's reactive strength and mobilize his inner forces to trigger positive change.​

Flower therapy through Bach flowers helps us to better understand who we are deep down, through understanding the remedy that is right for us.

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Yogashalapg - Ashtanga Yoga Perugia - Visione Olistica - Meditazione

For particular needs, for those who prefer to be looked after individually with attention and care. Working in this way will allow the transformation to go deeper using the techniques of Ashtanga or Hatha Yoga, pranayama or meditation. The Shala will be for exclusive use.

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