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Five meetings to enter the Indian tradition

These five classes are proposed as a tiptoe entry into the Indian tradition, they will follow the same practices as the Mysore Shala. Understanding the origin of what we do and the context in which our practice takes place is of vital importance to delve deeper into yoga and reap the sweet fruits of its entirety, which can only be experienced through a complete knowledge of the many aspects of the practice. .

We will study the mantras and the four padas of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, considered a fundamental philosophical text of ancient and modern yogic practices. Each class includes Chanting and Japa in traditional form, meditation and study of the Yoga Sutras.

The classes are open to all interested parties and can be online and recorded upon request.

16 February - 29 March - 12 April - 10 May - 28 June

- Oltre Il Corpo subscription | OIC (five classes) €90 can be subscribed to by February 16th
- Single class €20
- Reservations&quotes within two days before the meeting
- the fees are not refundable/convertible
- 3497154272

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