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Five masterclasses to reveal the secrets

This cycle of in-depth studies is designed to help understand the practice on both a technical and energetic level, providing the necessary and adequate tools to carry out the work of purification of the body and mind.

Very useful for understanding the more technical and subtle aspects of the asanas and their energetic keys, this masterclass cycle is essential for learning to move in an increasingly less mechanical and increasingly energetic practice, reducing superfluous muscular effort and implementing useful one.

The path is structured in sequence like Ashtanga, participating in all the meetings allows you to grasp aspects and create a valuable wealth of knowledge and experience to use in daily practice to make it more effective and profound.

1. Bandha and energetic connection

2. Jumps and transitions

3. Arches, strength and flexibility

4. Meditation in movement, flow and drsthi

5. Inversions and upside down

The masterclasses are open to everyone, preferably if you have a basic knowledge of Ashtanga practice, they are suitable for those who want to learn more and have already started practicing, not suitable for absolute beginners.

18 February - 31 March - 28 April - 19 May - 23 June

9.00-10.00 short guided practice
10.00-13.00 in-depth analysis

- subscription Beyond Appearances | OLA (five masterlases) €150 can be subscribed by February 18th
- Single masterclass €40, in-depth study only €30
- limited places, max 10 participants
- Reservations&quotes within two days before the Masterclass
- the fees are not refundable/convertible, payment of the subscription in two installments is possible
- 3497154272

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